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Demand-supply mismatch in luxury housing?

As home buyers rise up the economic ladder and get more exposed to the lifestyles of the rich in other countries, they demand similar services here in India as well. This phenomenon then becomes a ‘brand driver’ for developers who possess the skills and resources to cater to this segment.

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NGT stay order against dump yard in Noida 138A

When Gaurav Choudhury, a journalist by profession, bought an apartment in Noida Sector 137 along Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, he was confident to invest in an organized property market where the master plan being rolled out by the Noida Authority could tell him about the present and future developments.

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Symbiotic relation of holiday home & affordable home?

There is a growing debate within the realm of second home market as to what is the psychograph of the buyer. Whether they actually go for affordability or location or amenities, or all these factors collectively drive the second home buyers. These are the emerging market realities and till recently the property investment pattern across the country in general and Mumbai in particular suggested that there existed a symbiotic relation between the second home and an affordable home.

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Children centric homes an urban reality

The Indian real estate that has been struggling for new ideas and innovations soon found a sound business opportunity with the theme and hence there has been increasing focus on the star of the home in selling the home. Now it is no more about the social infrastructure in the vicinity but also what are the value added propositions for the child within the project.

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Top rental markets in Mumbai

There are five locations across Mumbai that offer better rental returns than the average rental in the city. These are the markets where the average rental values are in the range of 3% and above. These markets are spread across the Eastern and Western Suburbs.

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Can unlocking MMR address affordable housing?

Affordable housing and Mumbai often sound to be quite contradictory. The peninsular city with limited land parcels and load on the infrastructure often makes an urban planner fumble for offering any sustainable solution. Critics hence dismiss the very idea of affordable housing in the city. In Mumbai the development and growth of affordable housing has also been facing significant challenges owing to a gamut of fiscal, regulatory and urban issues.

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Property market potential of top 5 cities

A closer look at some of the leading property markets of the country, like Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, clearly suggest that the market is poised for an upswing in the next few years. More importantly, it is not just the analysts but also the home-buyers who are today; ready to bet high on the long term growth story of the property market in these leading cities.

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Noida Sector 137 residents form human chain to protest

Independent study has pointed out that Noida’s 14 lakh population generates nearly 660 tones of waste daily. However, the 40-year-old city still does not have a landfill site to dispose its municipal solid waste, which instead is dumped on roadsides and in vacant spaces. The large chunk of this waste is, of late, being dumped along the Noida Expressway.

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