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NRIs – Know the score before buying a property in India

There is no restriction on the number of properties that NRIs can own in India. However, NRIs obviously need to make informed decisions on such acquisitions. The most important consideration is that of whether the property purchase is for their own or their family’s actual use, or as an investment for rental income and potential capital appreciation.

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Are assured returns ponzi schemes?

Track2Realty approached to a number of real estate developers who are offering assured returns. Though all of them refused to speak ‘on record’ but privately they admit that their assured returns have failed due to market dynamics than intentional cheating.

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Who will fix false promises of channel partners?

Now that the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) brings the brokers into its ambit, the question that still stands is: What are the grey zones left which are not defined in the prescribed Act? What if the broker or builder has made the verbal promises to the buyer? What would be legal position if the marketing firm/broker misleads the buyer without the knowledge or consent of the builder?How can buyer be compensated if he has bought the property on the promise of misleading claims?

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An illusion of property peaking this festive season

Such misleading claims prima facie give an impression that the property market in the Indian cities in general, and Delhi-NCR in particular, have peaked up on the eve of long festive season ahead. The claims nevertheless raise more questions than could answer as to how and why there has been sudden spurt in the sales velocity.

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HDFC ERGO launches title insurance for property developers

The risk could be arising out of Third Party challenges not discovered prior to the commencement date of the policy due to the Title of Property belonging to someone other than the Insured, Descriptions & Plans in Historic deeds of the property being inadequate, Historic transaction being subject to an act of fraud or forgery by a third party that adversely affects insured’s rights over the title of the property, Title to the Property being subject to Unknown Burdens or Discharge of Burdens which may have been imposed in historic deeds executed prior to the commencement date etc.

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NRIs expect best practices in property market

Nearly all the developers in the Indian real estate are chasing the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) but very few have succeeded in attracting the investment of expat Indians. Reason: They have tried to hard sell the properties without actually understanding what these fellow Indians living abroad want.

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Need of market research for homebuyers

The Google search of Ratan Pandit, a prospective homebuyer, for Noida Extension market completely confused him. With various conflicting reports where one of the property consultancy firms endorsing the market as future investment magnet and the other one advising to stay away due to over-supply in this market, this homebuyer could not reach to any conclusion. Even various property listing sites were of not much use in terms of the understanding of the given market.

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Should you trust homebuyers’ associations?

The real estate markets across the major cities is today witness to a new spate of consumer activism which is more political in its functioning than consumer centric. Worse even, many of them even operate as the de facto consumer courts in advising others in how they should take on the builders.

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