About Us

About Track2Realty

Track2Realty is India’s first e-newspaper on real estate sector. As an independent research centre and news service the focus of the group is to empower the consumers and third party stakeholders like the banks, financial institutuions and investors with informed choice. It is the only journalistic initiative where an experienced editorial team along with some of the eminent independent consultants as jury board evaluate the performance of the sector by rating & ranking the projects as well as the brand performance of the companies.

Track2Realty is owned by Track2Media Research Pvt Ltd, which is a consortium of journalists who came out of mainstream media to practice free, frank & fearless journalism. Their collective experience that spans decades has helped Track2Realty to establish reputation for providing reliable and high-quality information, commentary, research & analysis.

Our meaningful journalism is not about cut throat ‘Breaking News’ reporting that very often breaks the sanctity of the news itself. We are rather committed to accuracy and perspective, while our editorial comment seeks to be informed, independent and fair. We have framed our own independent Code of Conduct which is based on impeccable journalistic integity.

In addition to the portal, Track2Realty also publishes two yearly handbooks every year. Track2Realty Brand X Report is the one that rates & ranks the best performing brands in the fiscal year. The companies are judged on the basis of clearly defined metrics which are evaluated by an eminent jury board backed by the pan-India survey of homebuyers. The second handbook Track2Realty Investment Magnet Report evaluates and rates the best performing markets and projects during the calendar year.

We also release homebuyers’ survey periodically which is carried by many newspapers, magazines, portals and television channels. We also have news &  feature service to provide news, analysis, report and survey.

Track2Realty is soon launching a dynamic digital platform for due diligence and discussion. The website will be dedicated to Interaction & Discussion, Due Diligence and Market & Project Specific Report. Both the homebuyers as well as realty professionals can network on that platform.

Track2Realty on behalf of Track2Media Research Pvt Ltd puts a disclaimer that the company or any of its stakeholders have no stake or interest in any other business. This journalistic venture stands with the principle of no conflict of interest. The editorial team is headed by Ravi Sinha, who can be contacted at ravisinha@track2media.com. For business enquiries, please contact marketing@track2media.com.