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The Modern word refers what’s new related to the present. Modern houses refer to those that are built according to the latest trends. Trends determine how personal space may influence in daily lifestyle, writes Ar. Tripat Girdhar, Managing Principal of The Design Studio.

An architect aims to create memorable experiences for the users through impactful spatial arrangements and designing catering to the current needs of the people.

In present day, everybody is looking beauty of design house & architecture. But as an Architect, before designing a home, the most important concept need to focus is how the material should be use, is the home is safety for earthquake, is the home is environment friendly etc.

Architectural design has evolved in the last decade looking at the needs of the younger generation. The basic thought process has changed and has a huge impact on the builders looking at needs of clients.

The co working spaces have changed the trends of office spaces where the companies who occupy the office provide a lot of facility like dining areas, recreation places, large gardens etc. 

Green buildings are to create positive impacts on our climate and natural environment which helps to improve quality of living. Every country has different climate conditions, unique culture and traditions, diverse building style and ages, wide-ranging environmental, economic and social conditions – all are depends which design & architecture should be fit according to country condition. The need of green building has taken a big turn in design giving a lot of importance to light, ventilation and air-conditioning.

Another trending concept is smart cities. It refers basic infrastructure using smart solution to make infrastructure and services better to rely on area based development. Three models where a city to become smart i.e. Retrofitting, Redevelopment & Greenfield.

Another modern trend concept in architecture is small houses which has set to dominate 2019. Nowadays architects are adopting innovative solutions that transform the small spaces into functional & creative design space.

The 24 hour work culture has popped up the requirements of energy conservation to reduce the maintenance cost. 

Looking at all the above design and architectural of office building has initiated different internal space planning, engineering areas, glass facade, open Court yards, fire norms.

Looking at the new trends even the by-laws have changed giving importance to proper regulations,

Similarly the apartment culture has seen a lot on change in the modern times looking at the fact the younger generation have travelled a lot, seen how the developed countries provide safety, facilities and security.

The affordability of an apartment has changed due to economic condition of younger generation but at the same time the requirements which were a luxury previous have become a necessity.

Things like gym, pool, indoor play area, jogging tracks have made trends now in a modern day design

The design has become more a challenge to achieve FSI, still provide all facilities, 

Builders would want Max sale areas but demand all additional needs of their clients. 

Planning and need to understand the requirements of the modern day generation is changed the way design and architecture are achieved.

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