Aesthetic appeal of Sobha Forest View a project differentiator

Bottom Line: In a property market cluttered with unsubstantiated claims of ‘Green View’ and ‘Forest View’, Sobha Forest View is actually nestled in the lap of 600 acres Turahalli forest reserve, with clear land title and aesthetically developed visual delights.

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Of course, such hyped forest views continue to entice the gullible homebuyers whose limited exposure with the ground realities of housing market and the glossy advertising brochures with artistic elevations make them believe they would end up living in the lap of nature.

It is in this backdrop that the project Forest View off Kanakpura Road, Bangalore by Sobha Limited elicits skepticism from the journalist in me. However, the fact that the project comes from India’s best real estate brand, rated by none other than Track2Realty only, goaded me to have a closer look at it.

Of course, the critic in me had many queries in mind. How come builder could construct a project in the lap of forests? Whether the land title is clear and it actually falls in residential zone amidst the forest reserve? Is the project located in far off destination meant only for the retired homebuyers? Are they marketing a future location where the first mover advantage makes it look like a green destination as of now?

However, while travelling to the destination for the project review, I had little idea that the Expressway known as NICE Road has on its way a residential project on the sidelines that actually borders with the 600 acres of Turahalli reserve forestland.

Later, my apprehension is put to rest when I am being confirmed that the land title of the 12 acre property is clear and is under residential zone as per the RMP 2015 (Revised Master Plan of BDA). Besides this, the property has been sanctioned by the authorities as per the bylaws, with required buffer from the boundary of the forest.

As one enters the project one can easily make out that the name of the project is not an exaggeration. And it is not just the land competence where the border with the forestland entitles the project to be referred as Forest View. Rather, the developer has aesthetically done the landscaping and a walk around the project is visual delight.

The Aroma Garden actually gives the feel of walking in the forests with cool breeze whispering the sweet melody of nature’s best music. In fact, the project is spread in 5 blocks to justify its name – Maple, Oak, Ebony, Cedar and Alder.

Sobha Forest View highlights

Project justifies its claim to offer Forest View

Nestled in the backdrop of 600 acres of Turahalli forest reserve

Though in the lap of nature, reasonable connectivity with job markets & social infrastructure

Track2Realty assigns it with Rank A+ (Positive)

With Turahalli forestland in the neighbourhood, the residents of the project can easily have the luxury of morning walk amidst the chirping sounds of peacocks and over 100 odd varieties of birds. For the adventure lovers, the forest is also known for a healthy population of leopards.

Though located at 30 kms from the main city, it is well connected to business and tech parks due to its proximity to Electronic city and NICE Road. The project is replete with world-class amenities amidst open spaces – away from traffic and pollution, with 3 helipads, smart home automation technology for safety and security, supermarkets among others.

The project is in the vicinity of upcoming metro station (Vajrahalli) at a distance of 1 km. Besides this, it offers easy access to some prominent locations such as  NICE Road at 3.5 kms, M G Road at 12 kms, Bengaluru’s International Airport and both Majestic and Yeswanthapur railway stations.

In terms of its proximity to major employment hubs of the city, Electronic city is at around an hours driving distance. Global Village Technology Park is at around 45 minutes of driving distance. The developer could thus have the luxury to create an ultra-premium project to attract the tastes and sensibilities of CXOs, HNIs and other top-level executives. It is well reflected with its price point as well and the price range is between INR 1 crore to INR 2.3 crore; not something that anyone and everyone can afford.

In terms of outreach to social infrastructure, the project is located close to prominent hospitals – Apollo at 11 kms and BGS Global at 5.4 kms. There are several super markets such as D Mart, Metro Cash and Carry, Reliance Mall among other in the range of 2 to 4 kms. Moreover, there is a brand new Forum Mall coming up around the property at a distance of 3 kms. The neigbhourbood also has some of the best educational institutes. Some of them include Euro Kids, KSIT, Hillside business school, Hill side college of nursing, DPS, and Dayananda Sagar University.

It is not that the developer has not erred in conceptualising the project. As a matter of fact, the architect has failed to create the aura & ambience at the entry of the project itself. It does not reflect the grandeur of the project as one enters inside Sobha Forest View. The real beauty of the project, the luxury of walking along the forest ambience Aroma Garden, lies in the backyard of the project. Had it been created at the entry point, Sobha Forest View could have added to its visual delight.

Track2Realty picks up the project as one of the best conceptualized housing project on nature’s theme and assigns it with Ranks A+ (Outlook Positive).

By: Ravi Sinha

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