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Sobha Realty announces impressive sales value of AED1 billion

Dubai has always been a popular destination for Indians, not just for vacationing and shopping, but for the overall aspirational lifestyle it offers. Due to Dubai’s diverse population and cosmopolitan lifestyle, the city offers its residents and businesses a unique environment enriched with hundreds of cultures and a quality of life and work unrivalled in the Middle East.

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HNIs find Dubai property attractive than India

In terms of price point luxury properties in Dubai are more attractive than any such option in Mumbai and Bangalore. Moreover, the kind of rental returns that are there in the gulf city is no match to any Indian city. Add to it tax-free returns and attractive capital appreciation and your cost & benefit analysis is heavily loaded in favour of benefits. Last, but not the list, is the quality of life in Dubai

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Sobha Hartland offers Forest Villas in the heart of Dubai

Majority of property investors in Dubai real estate market seek the option of villas in the heart of the city with open and green spaces. At Sobha Hartland an investor will have the exclusive opportunity to not only own a luxurious villa in a prime location on the Dubai canal but also one which is surrounded by 2.4 mn sq.ft of real trees/greenery/grass & flowers.