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Why are Indian homebuyers dissatisfied?

Dissatisfaction among the homebuyers was noticed at every level, and every set of buyers had their own set of grievances. Of course, the level & extent of dissatisfaction is different in different phases of house purchase and ownership.

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Job losing NRIs not to fuel India’s housing

A perception has gained ground that the NRIs (Non Resident Indians) losing jobs in the US and other parts of the world have no choice but to land back home and invest in India’s housing market. The ground reality, however, is that these expat Indians don’t think this is a logical conclusion, finds a global survey by Track2Realty.

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NRI investment pattern changing in real estate

As per the data available with Track2Realty, the Malayalese and other South Indian NRIs are nowadays investing into Kochi and Coimbatore than Bangalore or Chennai. Gujarati NRIs are investing into Ahmedabad and Vadodara than Mumbai. Mumbai-born NRIs are investing into Pune and Nashik than Mumbai. North Indian NRIs are investing into Noida and Ghaziabad than Gurgaon. One common thread into all these investments is scaling down of property segment – from ultra luxury to mid-segment and premium housing.

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What makes tenants unhappy in housing market?

In terms of pure economics renting out a property as against buying it may sound to be logical due to poor rental yield across India, the market reality beyond fiscal prudence is not that simple. In most of the Indian cities the tenants have to pass through a number of uncomfortable questions ranging from food habits to personal lifestyle choice before they can get a rental property for living. The process itself is very tedious and prone to leave grey zones.

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