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Navi Mumbai homebuyers excited with airport

With the expectations of Navi Mumbai International Airport becoming a reality, the property market is suddenly back in the demand. This has also made the mood of the Navi Mumbai residents very upbeat. They believe the real rise and growth of Navi Mumbai is not behind but ahead.

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Only 4.3% of overall urban housing shortage met with PMAY

Housing Shortage in the urban areas is particularly high in Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) at 10 million units, followed by 7.4 million units in Lower Income Group (LIG).Until now, Central assistance to the tune of INR 13,583 Crore has been released and Interest subsidy of INR 1,859 Crore has been credited. Under the PMAY(U) scheme ( as per 8thJuly 2018 release by Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India), 51 lakh units have been approved, 28 lakh units have been grounded and only 8 lakh units have been completed.

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REITs fail confidence test of Indians

REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts might be the most debated and expected development in the Indian real estate, but a majority of Indians are yet not convinced how will it operate. Even more in number are questioning the opinion of experts as far as its lucrative ROI (Return on Investment) is concerned. The Indians believe given the market uncertainties REITs won’t be the game changer for the Indian real estate, unless the returns are really tempting.

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Reforms hurt than helped homebuyers?

It is not just the ambiguity around the RERA that makes the Indians feel there is no hope for them. Most of the reform measures have not touched upon the average Indian homebuyers, claim close to three fourth of the buyers, as many as 72%.

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Sobha undisputed leader of consumer confidence

In this sixth year of gauging the public perception for Track2Realty BrandXReport 2017-18, what comes out as no surprise is the fact that Bangalore-based Sobha Limited continues to be undisputed market leader as far as commanding public perception is concerned.

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No incentive for NRIs to invest in Indian property

It is more of bad news than good news for the developers as far as their efforts to entice the NRIs is concerned. The good news is that the outlook of the expat Indians towards the Indian real estate is changing; the recent policy reforms have made them more optimistic about the property market back home. But the bad news is that they are yet not ready to commit for property purchase in India.

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Professionals call realty jobs deceptive

Employees are the backbone of any given business. They are the reasons why your business is successful or not. The productivity of an enterprise is directly proportional to the happiness index of its manpower. But what would you call a business where the vast universe of the workforce is pretty disillusioned and the business is yet not ready to address it? Welcome to the work culture of Indian real estate!

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Homebuyers question reform claims

This may not be music to the ears of the developers who are hoping against the hope that the recent policy changes & reforms would bring the homebuyers back to the market. But the ground reality is that for a vast majority of the Indian homebuyers the measures like demonetization, GST, RERA or Benami Transaction Act are more for academic discussions than making any tangible changes for them on ground.

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NRIs prefer investment in hometown

The choice of high profile NRIs in terms of real estate investment is more of emotional urge to come back to the hometown than the locations that are attractive as job magnets. No wonder, more than three-fourth of NRIs, as many as 78 per cent, wish to invest in their hometown.

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