Homebuyers of Supertech Ecociti robbed of potable water by builder

News Point: In yet another blatant violation of norms, Supertech has siphoned off money collected from homebuyers of Ecociti project at Noida Sector 137 for the supply of Ganga water. Though the Noida Authority has issued show cause notice to the builder, it seems the builder already embroiled in many legal cases just doesn’t bother.

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In a fresh controversy, the homebuyers of Supertech Ecociti at Sector 137, Noida Expressway are taking to streets after being robbed by the builder of what is as basic service as the potable water. The developer has collected the money from the homebuyers of the housing society for the supply of Ganga water and not deposited the same to the Noida Authority.

The nefarious design of the builder has led to limited Ganga water supply in the society. The homebuyers question what is their fault to suffer after having made all the payments asked by the builder. Though the Noida Authority has now issues a show cause notice to the builder, it seems the builder just does not care about the same.

The homebuyers have submitted a petition to the Noida Authority in which they claim that more than 1,600 flats are being deprived of their legitimate due of Ganga water supply due to an inexplicable non-payment of dues by the builder.  

The buyers after having suffered for long finally found from an RTI query that the builder, Supertech, has deposited money for only 168 flats for Ganga water supply to Supertech Ecociti. This is the primary reason why Ganga water supply is limited to one hour in Ecociti as it is rationed by the authority keeping in mind the requirements of only 168 flats.

Clearly, Supertech has misinformed the water supply authority about the number of flats in Ecociti about Ganga water requirement, while collecting money at the time of construction, as well as every month, from each of flat owner for the same purpose. This is a scam.

Besides this, the homebuyers also allege that the TDS levels in the society’s ground water is around 2000, which is poisonous, and can lead serious health issues. They have now demanded immediate intervention of the authority to instruct the builder to deposit the requisite funds for Ganga water for all residents within 30 days, and commence supply 750 litres of Ganga water to every day to each flat, which is their legitimate due.

Track2Realty asked RK Arora, CMD of Supertech to explain the reasons of non-payment for supply of Ganga water but the builder refused to speak.  

The investigation, however, finds upsetting fact about the Ganga water pipeline itself that carries water from the mainline to Ecociti’s reservoir. The builder has enacted a rip-off on this as well. The diameter of the Ganga water supply line connecting Ecociti’s reservoir with the main supply line is of 3 inch, whereas the main supply line is of 10 inch.

This is scandalous. It cuts the volume of water by half at one stroke just because Supertech, for inexplicable reasons, chose to install a 3 inch  diameter pipe, instead of 10 inch, to carry Ganga water into the society’s main reservoir.

The buyers demand Noida Authority to instruct the builder to change the main water supply line to 10 inch diameter pipe within 30 days.

Satya Prakash, a resident of Ecociti says, “It is shocking to find that the builder has deposited money with the Noida Authority for Ganga water supply only for 168 flats, whereas it had collected about INR 25,000 per flat for Ganga water supply. Also, it appears that until January this year, the builder was charging INR 210 per flat for Ganga water supply, whereas it has been supplying groundwater with extremely high TDS levels. This is playing with people’s lives, which should call for strict action against the builder.”

Sanjeev Gupta, another resident point out, “The quality of water is extremely poor. The TDS levels are very high. The builder should be asked to pay up all dues for Ganga water supply and start water supplies immediately as is legitimately due to all residents, instead of supplying unhealthy ground water.”

The residents of the housing society also demand that the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) in Ecociti needs immediate third party audit. The STP water is drained out in the open and is so toxic that it has destroyed even the grass in the society’s lawns. The sewer line also needs to be joined to the main pipeline near Advant building with immediate effect.  

Furthermore, the drains along the boundary wall of Supertech Ecociti are uncovered and have not been cleaned and is breeding mosquitoes. These pose serious health risks, needs to be covered and cleaned immediately.

The moot point is whether Noida Authority will now take some concrete action or the builder will yet again manage the government agency after the show cause notice. It would be interesting to see whether Noida Authority manages to tame the erring builder this time.

It is not clear as to what extent the growing consumer backlash leading to media spotlight would force the builder to take corrective measures. The builder has thus far managed to evade its responsibility in many other such cases where the legal battle continues for years. However, it is a case of potable water supply which is one of the fundamental rights of homebuyers in any given housing society.

By: Ravi Sinha

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  1. I am a flat owner at Ecociti studio apartment, recently Supertech asked me to pay Rs. 30K- in the name of water charges. In past they pressurized to sign off Water undertaking, without it they were not ready to make any progress, & now a sudden demand. One of the worse builders in Delhi NCR, thes guys should be banned from Construction business as they are simply fooling people for own benefit.

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