1.74 lakh homes in 220 projects completely stalled in Top 7 cities

Highlights: Stalled projects (launched in 2013 or before) have over 1.74 lakh units, valued at up to INR 1,774 billion

Of the total stalled units, 66% (over 1.15 lakh units) are already sold; 34% units unsold

NCR has the highest share at 68% or 1.18 lakh stalled units across main 7 cities, followed by MMR with 22% or 38,060 stalled units

In project value terms, MMR not far behind NCR – stalled units worth INR 822 bn in NCR & INR 802 bn in MMR

Of total 1.18 lakh stuck units in NCR, 69% or approx. 83,470 units are sold out 

The Supreme Court’s landmark decree on Amrapali Developers has rekindled the hopes lakhs of homebuyers across cities who have waited futilely for delivery of their homes. While similar developments with regards to other stuck projects are awaited, SC has now set a precedent with a resounding message – comply or perish.

Almost 66% of these stalled units (approx. 1.15 lakh homes) have already been sold to buyers who have been left in the lurch – at the mercy of either the concerned developers or the law of the land. The net estimated value of these sold units is approx. INR 1,111 billion. 

NCR has the largest pile-up of stalled units with 1.18 lakh homes (68% of the total stuck stock) spread over 67 projects with an overall value of INR 822 billion. Of this, nearly 69% (or 83,470 units) are already sold out. 98% of the stuck projects in NCR are located in Noida and Greater Noida alone, while other cities like Gurugram, Ghaziabad have minimal inventory.

MMR follows next with nearly 38,060 units stalled across the city. However, the number of projects covering stuck units in MMR is higher than in NCR. MMR’s stalled units span over 89 projects as against 67 projects in NCR.  Interestingly, in terms of value of the stalled units, MMR is quite close to NCR, with stalled units worth over INR 802 billion (as against INR 822 billion in NCR). Despite a huge parity in the overall number of stalled units between the two major regions, astronomical property prices in MMR have kept this difference minimal.

Pune comes next with nearly 28 projects (comprising 9,650 units) worth INR 70 bn completely stalled, followed by Hyderabad with nearly 4,150 units worth INR 36 bn stuck. Bengaluru has 26 projects comprising 3,870 stuck units worth INR 42 billion.

With so many projects stuck across the top cities, affected homebuyers now see a glimmer of hope with the Supreme Court’s intervention in the Amrapali case. Will these hopes be vindicated? The industry stays tuned for further updates on this.

By: Anuj Puri, Chairman – ANAROCK Property Consultants

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