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No satellite sprawling makes Gujarat property unique

No one is talking about the need for developing satellite cities, at least as of now. This is not because there is any lack of vision with regards to ever increasing urbanisation, but so much virgin territories are there to be developed that the priority is to develop those pockets first. The load on land has also not reached to an alarming level were the infrastructure crumbles, as witnessed in other major cities across the country.

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Mark2Market-Tata Myst promises luxury in Himalayas

Myst has been conceptualised on the basis of in-depth understanding of both stated and unstated needs of our customers. For the project Tata Housing has conducted Qualitative Research followed by Focus Group amongst a niche audience on the location, theme and project architecture. The design was finalised post integrating the design elements as suggested by the consumers.

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Developers missed writing on the wall in 2015

The year 2015 should have been the year of realization that the days of creating ghost cities with inventory for investors is over. The greedy investor is no more interested in blocking his money with a business where the returns in any of India’s major housing market is not more than six per cent today.