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Amnesty to builders at what cost & for whose benefit

Contrary to the general perception that the eco system is getting tougher for the builders due to home buyers’ activism, vigilante media and judicial intervention, the facts suggest that the developers have been given too long ropes to cross the bridge over the buyers’ interests. As a matter of fact, there are many instances of amnesty to the developers in the last few years.

Beyond Headlines

A home for every budget in Mumbai

Contrary to the general perception that only the Richie Rich can buy a house in Mumbai, the fact of the matter is that there is something for every budget segment. If not the fancy luxe living in posh areas, a roof over the head is always there with the rider of more money adding to more amenities and lesser travelling distances.

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Is there no incentive for green buildings?

Green floor space accounts for only 3-5 per cent of all construction in India so far. In developed markets like the UK, where green building began almost two decades ago, around 40 per cent of all buildings would fall in that category. In the US, it would be around 30 per cent.