Puravankara to invests INR 600 crores in affordable housing project

News Point: Provident Park Square is Puravankara’ s first launch of 2018 and marketed through ‘Book Building Process’ to determine home prices through a transparent, scientific supply-demand model. 

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With an investment of INR 600 crores, Provident Park Square at Judicial Layout, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, is a mixed development project which caters to the needs of the new age home buyer.

Like a micro mall, the property includes restaurants, retail stores and many more such lifestyle amenities. The property is being developed using state-of the art precast technology.

Provident Park Square is in line with Puravankara’s ambitious plan of developing 10 million sq ft of affordable housing projects through the next 13- 15 months.

Ashish R. Puravankara, Managing Director, Puravankara Limited says, “After some interesting times in 2017, we are optimistic about 2018 being a great year for the industry. The launch of Provident Park Square has kick-started our journey for 2018 and we are confident that the world class design and high quality amenities will truly be the first of its kind in the affordable space. The Government’s strategic initiatives and the country’s encouraging economic growth have fuelled greater interest in the affordable housing segment.  Affordable housing not only triggers a robust growth for the sector, but also enables a higher GDP for the economy.” 

The project is being taken to market through an innovative Quasi Book Building method, where the price discovery process is driven by data from fundamental ‘Demand-Supply’ metrics. The pre-booking process, currently open at this point of time, offers the complete product information to prospective buyers, along with a ‘Price-Band’ for each type of unit within the project.

Expressions of interest from prospective buyers help analyse the demand base for the project, which drives a data driven approach to the eventual pricing decision, which would be announced by mid-March 2018.

All customers during the pre-booking process will be allotted units of their choice, based on first-cum-first-serve queuing methodology. While early adopters / buyers will be at the top of the queue and hence get access to a wider choice of units, all buyers during this process will be offered a “Uniform Base Price”, there-by improving transparency in the customer buying process.

The Home buying process from time immemorial has depended on “Brute-force negotiation” between buyers and the seller. The Quasi Book building method eliminates this wasteful exercise and introduces a transparent yet competitive manner of price discovery and selling of real estate, which becomes even more essential in the “Low-Margin-High-Volume’ affordable housing space.

The first phase of Provident Park Square will be ready by 2021.

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