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An open letter to MLA Pankaj Singh on Noida dump yard controversy

A case in point is Track2Realty last story “NGT stay likely on Noida Sector 137 dump yard”. A section of these so-called activists jumped into action to immediately question and contest the story vehemently as if saying, “Oh my God! How can it be solved so early”. This is despite the fact that the story is only talking about a likely scenario (as shared by a source with the NGT) and also puts pressure on the NGT and the other government agencies.

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Bloggers missing in Indian real estate

It is not just about the way the Indian builders operate with media, more often than not, being forced to be a cheer leader, rather the subject itself does not excite the largest contributors in this space – the youth. The kind of creative avenue that they have while writing on various others subjects, like travel to food and fashion to lifestyle is something that the brick & mortar business does not provide them. After all, the bloggers would not necessarily enjoy travelling to project site as the look & feel of most of the projects is identical.

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Many micro markets across Mumbai suburbs

The MMR was notified in 1967, in an effort to address the rising problems faced by inhabitants. More areas were also included in the region and today the MMR covers Greater Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai, apart from several more towns and villages. Over the years, property price rise has been astronomical in the original core parts of Mumbai.

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Noida Authority CEO defiant amidst conflict of interest

The story goes like this: builder accuses Noida Authority CEO of demanding bribery and harassing for free flat. Abhay Kumar took the moral high ground to sound like a war cry for clean system when he levied strong charges against Noida Authority incumbent CEO of continuous harassment after former declined to provide him with a free flat in his project at Sector 77, Noida.

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Property the real asset class

Real estate is the best bet against an inflation hedge as it is the only asset that loses little value in periods of rising prices. Thus, it holds its value and purchasing power even during inflation. Normally inflation has a co-relation with the booming economy and an investor also buys this asset to hedge against inflation.

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Why Jewar airport won’t affect property market?

Ever since the Jewar airport has been given in-principle clearance there has been the last ditch attempt by the developers of subdued property market of Noida and even Ghaziabad to make the best of it. They have suddenly started firing all cylinders with marketing overdrives. It seems the airport is the marketing mantra of survival amidst a prolong spell of slowdown and sales drought.

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GST or Gone Service Tax for ready apartments?

If one has to ask a homebuyer about his dream wish list, one would ask for few things like getting what one can see, carpet area that could be measured, no hidden cost and, last but not the least, no extra tax. Now it seems these fancy wishes would be true with the Goods & Services Tax (GST) if only one would go for a ready to move property.

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Single tenants face discrimination in the city

As per a Track2Realty pan-India survey, no les than 82 per cent single professionals have found it challenging in one way or the other to get a house on rent. This is not a reality of small towns but in the top 10 cities of India known to have metropolitan culture & lifestyle, singles are finding it hard to get n apartment on rent.

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Transparency & institutional teeth needed for crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the financial modelling of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. However, this model needs three parties to take shape as a business model– the developer who proposes his project/idea to the crowd, people who support the idea with financial contribution and a moderating organisation that brings the parties together to take it on ground.

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