False promises land Amrapali Group in serious trouble

News Point: Delayed possession and false promises land Amrapali Group in serious trouble, as homebuyers cry foul, celebrities backing off and political connections deserting.

Anil Sharma, Amrapali Group, India Real Estate News, Real Estate & Crime, Indian realty news, India property market, Noida real estate, Track2Media Research, Track2RealtyAfter taking the homebuyers for a ride long enough, the Amrapali Group seems to have ran out of luck with the homebuyers taking to social media to mobilise support, the brand ambassador Mahender Singh Dhoni exiting as face saver and the political support to the builder deserting.

Amrapali Group, after much-publicised “Mission Possession” has only been diverting the attention of the buyers till the residents of Amrapali’s Saphhire project in Noida lost their patience and went viral on Twitter. They also tagged the brand ambassador Mahender Singh Dhoni in their tweets asking the cricketer to dis-associate himself from the builder.

Residents are complaining about the pending civil and electrical works in the project. The company said it would complete the same in next three months.

Amrapali Group CMD Dr Anil Sharma said, “Sometimes there are so many unforeseen reasons. There are so many force majeure, which are beyond the control of a developer. So, during those periods construction is stopped for two years, three years, four years, five years. Those period can’t be contracted. There are two losses, one is time loss, another is finance loss. We are not burdening that finance loss to our esteemed customers, but time loss we can’t make up. Ultimately, time loss has to be extended.”

As the homebuyers were welcoming the Dhoni’s rebuttal to Amrapali, another cricketer Harbhajan Singh tweeted: “Well done @msdhoni for dropping #Amarpali builders’ brand ambassadorship..they didn’t gave us VILLAS they announce after 2011 worldcup win”.

“At least they should give them houses who paid..may be announcing a villa for us .. was a publicity stunt,” he said in another tweet.

Reacting to Harbhajan’s complaints on social media, Amrapali CMD issued a press statement, “We offered these villas to World Cup winning team as to honour their efforts, for that we did not charge anything. Amrapali Group never denied to handover those villas, nor now.”

“In this duration, cricketers or their representatives did not ask about the status of their villas and also there were some relevant process and formalities need to be done from their end.

“Whenever they will ask us, we will share the required details of their villas with them. I would also like to clarify that the project is in final stage where villas were promised,” Sharma said.

However, it is not just a case of one or two projects of Amrapali Group getting delayed. The homebuyers allege most of their projects are delayed and they are just unresponsive to the buyers.

Over 4,000 buyers of the Group’s Golf Homes project are also the sufferers after the developer delayed the possession by about 15 months and allegedly stalling the construction work.

As if the ire of homebuyers and the celebrity cricketers was not enough, sensing the public mood even the political patronage of Amrapali Group has deserted. Anil Sharma, who contested Lok Sabha Elections on JD(U) ticket in 2014 found his party distancing itself from Dr. Sharma. The party’s General Secretary, K C Tyagi, said, “Anil Sharma for the last Lok Sabha Elections was on the ticket of JD(U), but after 15 days he was an independent candidate.”

Tyagi added, “As a member of the Real Estate Committee, I am on record to say that they (builders) must be prosecuted. I am with the buyers of Amrapali Golf Villas and stern action must be taken against him. Homebuyers must go to the court and they must present their case to the Parliamentarians. From the 25th, Parliament session will start and I am hopeful that entire Parliament, after passing the Real Estate Bill, will stand by the consumers.”

Once a powerful man as an influential builder with connections in cricket to film and politics, it is not just fall from grace for Anil Sharma, but could be termed as self-inflicted disaster. It is a learning curve for the builders who think they are too powerful to take the homebuyers for a ride.

By: Ravi Sinha


  1. Neeraj Mishra on

    Amrapali Silicon city is the biggest project in sector 76, Noida. 5000 flats were to be built from 2010 to 2013 end. By now, mid 2016 only 800 odd have been handed over in most pathetic conditions and no infrstructure- electricity, water, sewarage, plumbing, wiring, painting, plastering, fire fighting equipment, basement parking, clubs, common areas, all are incomplete. There is no OC/CC by Noida Authority since builder had to pay about Rs 152 crores dues to them as on June 2015. No pollution control- open DG sets with no chimney emit fumes 24 x 7, no adherence to NGT guidelines, no safety of children as drains are open.
    hence this is the biggest challenge for Mr Anil Sharma to remedy, if at all he is able to. Despite engaging with him from 2014 onwards, he has cocked a snook to the hapless buyers, most of whom have paid 100% in 2014 but there is no sight of flat.

  2. Virendra Singh on

    I am flat buyer of Amrapali Zodiac Sector 120 Noida. Situation is worst in this project, work has been stopped, possession of five towers still pending, staff expect financial favour for any legitimate work , parking are not allotted, external development works is not completed, registry is not started, amenities are not provided as agreement

  3. We at Amrapali Platinum, Sector 119 Noida UP are also suffering the onslaughts of buying homes from Amrapali Group. It’s been 10 years and the project is still under construction. In spite of residents raising concerns for past 5 years Mr.Anil Sharma and all alliances have turned their back to home buyers. We home buyers are deserted, disillusioned, disavowed and helpless and now with a heavy heart and with depleting back balances we appeal to all the media, political parties, govt./state bodies and concerned authorities to please take up this matter very seriously in parliament and bring/restore respite to home buyers of Amrapali Platinum, Sector 119, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

    • When are we getting registry of our flats.I am also very disappointed with platinum flat.

      Is there any solution for this problem

  4. Col. h c chopra on

    Reasons advanced by Anil Sharma ji for delay of 4 years in handing over the Amrapali flat in Amrapali Sapphire are not valid at all. Flats were to be handed over in July 2012 where as NGT order was issued in the 2nd half of 2013. Moreover construction work was going on at site.
    Farmers agitation had affected Noida Extension and not in Amrapali Sapphire, there is a letter written by Amrapali to flat buyer that this project is not affected. In fact Anil Sharma is facing problem because he was expanding his empire much beyond his capability to exercise effective control. There is no work being carried out at site. Anil Sharma had stopped talking to us after Sep 2015. I had requested him 7-8 times through emails for a meeting which he refused. He is lying by saying that he is always ready to meet buyers and sort out their problems. He must arrange funds to complete the project by selling part of his assets and pay money to Noida Authority. Noida Authority also should ease norms of payment and waive off interest if any because they are equally to be blamed for this mess.

  5. Naresh Bansal on

    We invested in AMR Infrastructyre Project I Homes, in Tech Zone, Gr. Noida, in 2009. The possession dated promised was May 2011. My unit is in Tower A where even foundation work has not been done in the last 7 years. When we go to inquire in their office, they say there is no money. They donot disclose where the money is. No communication explaining the delay.
    We feel we have been cheated.

  6. Upasana Sundriyal on

    This is the law of nature… culprits should not be spared at any cost so that others learn a lesson. Real Estate Giants had taken home buyers for granted. Dr. Sharma should get the toughest of the penalties….No mercy for him.

  7. No one talks of Amrapali’s IT project in Knowledge Park of Greater noida.About 8 years back Amrapali Group collected millions of Fund promising 12% return with completion date around Common Wealth Games ie December 2009.Hundreds of people invested in that project which is just standing in a forlorn condition with the civil work stopping from 12.04 .2015.In the mean time Amrapali group demanding extra money on the alleged ground of increase in space for which even their are no approved drawings.People are being arm twisted to pay extra amount which can be claimed by the Company only on completion.There is no likely hood of completion of that project in next 5 years as it stand forlorn and forsaken by the builder today.

  8. Hi Friends ,

    I am home buyer of Amrapali Verona heights and booked flat in 2012 ,they promised to deliver in 4 years but till now only 2 floors are built and no work there .

    Mr. Sharma should be punished .

    Dear Prime minister Modi , we have lot of belief in you ,can you help we home buyers .
    Kindly prove good governance of BJP government .

    • We believed in Govt and need help to resolve amrapali platinum registry issue.

      it is pending from so many years and no body helped us so need justice.

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