China (Shenzhen) Real Estate Expo 2019 promises global participation

News Point: Back with the success of The Shenzhen Real Estate Expo 2018 (SREX 2018) at the Shenzhen Great China International Exchange Square in May, 2018, The SREX 2019 is being organised in the same city.

Shenzhen is the most prosperous and developed city in Guangdong Province and Southern China. The Expo aims to help more rich investors find their target property projects and help more great real estate projects to be showed to target buyers.

The last Expo had attracted over 80 overseas real estate developers, brokers and agents from many countries and regions, including Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, America, Cyprus, Dubai & UAE, Canada, Britain, Germany, New Zealand, South Korea, Portugal and France, Spain, etc.

As per the statistics, the Exhibition had 20 000+ visitors 8,000+ VIPs and 200 foreign exhibitors; altogether about 150 orders of intention were signed; the transaction amounts reached up to USD 1.2 billion. Ninety percent of the exhibitors were satisfied with the Exhibition, which was also highly praised by relevant government departments and industry.

Organised for 2 days with an exhibition area of up to 5,000sqm, it is considered as a highly recognized international industry event by most exhibitors, investors and agents. Currently, regarded as the same as SREX 2018.

The SREX 2019 is the largest and the most highly recognized international transaction platform in Southern China and the largest exhibition in the Southern Region, with the most visitors, the greatest influence and a preferential exhibition of Chinese and foreign exhibitors.

Shenzhen is established as the first Special Economic Zone and the window of the China ‘s Reform and Opening Policy, which has developed into an international city with certain influence in the world, and created a remarkable record of “Shenzhen speed.”

Shenzhen is China’s economic center in Southern China, ranked the third place among all the cities in China in Economy. It is also one of the best cities in mainland China with the best economic benefits, as the British “Economist” saying in 2017, “Shenzhen is the second place among the world’s most competitive economy Cities “.

Shenzhen is located in the Pearl River Delta, connecting Hong Kong and mainland China as a strong tie and bridge, which is also an important transportation hub in the South China coast and play an important role in the Chinese high-tech industry, real estate development, financial services, exports and other aspects.

As per the statistics, in 2017 the number of millionaires in Shenzhen has reached nearly 150, 000, total Guangdong Overseas investors are not less than one million, thus, there is a huge demand for Overseas Property Investment in Shenzhen.

Exhibition Highlights 

PopularityThe rapid rising overseas real estate investing; Chinese are crazy for oversea property

Richest Target270,000 multimillionaires in Guangdong and most of them are in Shenzhen

UniquenessThe Top Overseas Real Estate & Investment Immigration Expo in Shenzhen, unparalleledsales platform for oversea properties

High QualityGlobal overseas high-end property projects showcase at the same expo, revealing the ultimate taste

AccuracyAdvertising to high-end investors and buyers of real estate, overseas investment, immigration, study abroad, overseas tourism with industry partners

Co-marketingMore than 20 institutions of chambers and associations joint to promote the event and invite attendees

Faster SpreadingMore than 100 media partners are involved in promoting; The whole course will be reported by newspapers and magazine; TV station interview on live

Most Experienced:Afarb Limited’s richest database of professional audience and exhibition promotion experience

Development:Full interpretation of luxury brands and living standard; One-stop for overseas investment advisory services 

Exhibitor Profile 

Overseas Real Estate Developers, Brokers and Agents

Land, Farm, Chateau Investments

International investment consultancy and Law Firm

EB5  and Regional Center Projects

Overseas Education and Training Institutions, Immigration Serviced Agencies

Banking and Financial Institutions

AgentsMedia/ Interior Design and Decorate Company 

Targeted Attendees 

Overseas property investors, brokers, agents, institutions providing intermediary consulting services relating to real estate investment and migration 

High-end club members, club organizations and the owners of high-end properties, luxury villa, luxury car, private airplane, yacht and luxury watch 

Key departmental leaders, legal representatives of commerce chambers, enterprise groups and private enterprises 

Senior management of enterprises, overseas returnees and foreign senior officers in Shenzhen 

People who emigrated, are emigrating and are preparing to send their children overseas

VIP high net worth individuals of financial systems (banks, securities, insurance and funds)


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