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Three jewels of Navi Mumbai

When a broker recently suggested Himanshu Kapadia that he should better invest in Ulwe, Dronagiri or Nerul of Navi Mumbai this engineer thought the greedy broker is selling the properties out of which he could make more brokerage. There was nothing common between these three locations and even in terms of price point of the residential properties the three given markets had a different profile.

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Homebuyers looking to western suburbs this festive season

When Roshan Abbas, a property broker operating out of Mira Road of Western Suburb, claimed that the region would be the catalyst of housing revival in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), many thought this to be claims of a broker glorifying his catchment area. Some of the critics even dismissed it as another marketing stunt on the eve of the festive season of Navratra.

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Habitation challenges galore in Noida Extension

No other residential micro market of India has arguably weathered as many challenges and controversies as Noida Extension. Its inception as a separate zone, other than Noida & Greater Noida, did lend credence to conspiracy theories against the farmers that culminated into land acquisition litigation. Since then it has been a sordid saga of project delivery uncertainties and homebuyers endless wait; not to speak of the additional charges levied as against the compensation amount hiked to the farmers.

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Coimbatore bypass goes through the costliest property markets

Track2Realty Exclusive: Rajeev Dash, a textile exporter from Chennai was on the lookout for a plot in Coimbatore from where he could procure the textile stuff. However, his search for an easy entry to the local market with anticipation of availability of low cost property met with a surprise. The brokers in the local market showed him a number of properties, but none below the not-so-believable crore plus figure. This made him wonder whether he is negotiating in the Coimbatore market or the property agents are taking him for a ride.

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Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway a cross connection of vibrant economy

Track2Realty Exclusive: To say that expressways are lifeline of urban centres would be like stating the obvious. The expressways across the country have been a connecting point of the main city with the periphery locations, thus ensuring that satellite cities are sustainable for the working class who can otherwise not afford to buy a house in the main city. In the process, expressways have been catalyst to the vibrant economy of the region as well.

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