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Hawelia Valenova Park flagship of Noida Extension?

With thorough market research the project was actually conceptualised as ‘affordable luxury’. The majority of the buyers today expect not just roof over the head but certain lifestyle and livability quotient. This is where Hawelia Valenova Park could position itself with quality construction in a market where poor construction quality has been nemesis of many a leading brands, forget lesser known developers.

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Are assured returns ponzi schemes?

Track2Realty approached to a number of real estate developers who are offering assured returns. Though all of them refused to speak ‘on record’ but privately they admit that their assured returns have failed due to market dynamics than intentional cheating.

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Is redevelopment answer to affordable housing?

The Indians seem to be quite aware of the challenges of mass housing, as is visible with nearly half of the respondent, 48 per cent questioning when land acquisition is going to be tougher how housing for all will be a reality.

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Quality talent not attracted to real estate

Young qualified professionals either do not opt for the sector, and even when they do so, they find it hard to continue in a business where the eco system is all about probability and uncertainty; forget about the lack of work culture. And hence, in most of the corporate offices of the developers it is easy to find old and grey-haired people than the vibrancy of the young work force.

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50% of Indian office stock qualifies for REITs

The listing of India’s first REIT by Blackstone-backed Embassy Group has been in the offing for quite some time, but it now finally appears that it will be listed within the first half of 2019. As REITs await their official deployment in India, investors hoping to cash on this new avenue for generous ROI growth seek to understand what exactly is in store for them – and for the real estate market.