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The senior living sector in India

The senior living sector in India is at a crossroad. With the relaxation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) restrictions on investments in the sector and increasing population of seniors (over 100 million seniors in India at present) to cater to, there clearly exists an untapped opportunity for investment and development in this sector.

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Smart strategies for PEs investing in real estate

Private Equity funds, famously known as PEs are invested heavily in the Indian real estate. Even though the sector is emerging only gradually from its slowdown, this could be the golden period of PE investments to invest further, as the opportunities being offered are humungous.

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Indian millennials and home ownership

Millennials are by far the most redefining generation to have appeared over the past five decades. Several traits drive their lifestyle choices, not least among them being a much higher acceptance of diverse lifestyles than previous generations.

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