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Track2Realty Impact: Noida MLA Pankaj Singh calls for unified apartment associations’ meet

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Track2Realty Impact

News Point: Noida MLA Pankaj Singh takes cognizance of Track2Realty Open Letter; calls for unified meeting with elected members of apartment owners’ associations. 

Noida MLA Pankaj Singh visits Sector 137,  Pankaj Singh Noida MLA, Dump yard in Noida Sector 137, Shift dump yard in Noida, Residents demand dump yard removal from Noida Sector 137, India real estate news, Indian property market news, Real estate news India, Track2Realty, Track2Media ResearchNoida MLA Pankaj Singh today, August 12, took cognizance of the Open Letter by Track2Realty asking for elected members of apartment owners’ associations to represent respective societies and the sector.

Track2Realty had on Thursday, August 10, wrote an open letter to the MLA to apprise in-fighting among the volunteers on the issue of campaign for shifting dump yard from the sector. The real estate think-tank media group had suggested him to meet the elected representatives of the apartment owners’ associations.

On his visit to Sector 137 today, the MLA suggested that instead of a motley crowd it would serve more purpose if the residents’ causes and concerns are represented through elected bodies and formal channel of communication with the government representatives is established.

He offered full cooperation and help in getting the civic issues addressed through joint and concerted efforts of the sector represented by the elected members.

The MLA promised facelift for Sector 137 with streetlights, plantation, surveillance cameras, security and safety for women. He nevertheless made no commitment for immediate removal of dump yard in the neighbourhood. He only asked the Noida Authority officials to look for ways & means to shift the dump yard in a phased manner. 

Noida MLA Pankaj Singh made this visit to Sector 137 amidst a growing demand for shifting of garbage dump yard from the sector to the proposed site at Astroli.

VK Ashthana,  senior citizen from Paras Tierea, raised the issue of lack of civic facilities, like sanitation and also called for the surveillance cameras, street lights etc to ensure safety and security in the locality.

“In the absence of street lights and camera the area has not only turned out to be accident prone but also it is a serious threat for the safety of women. Similarly, lack of public toilets is needed in the area to keep the city clean,” said Asthana.

The gathering was attended by residents from the 8 housing societies. They were joined by hundreds of villagers from the nearlby villages under the leadership of BJP youth leader Naveen Bhati.

By: Ravi Sinha

One thought on “Track2Realty Impact: Noida MLA Pankaj Singh calls for unified apartment associations’ meet”

  1. Dear Ravi Sinha,
    Appreciate your consistent and constructive efforts in highlighting the various Habitat Issues to concerned Govt depts.Your articulations are very timely and enlightening.
    Hon’ble MLA , Sh Pankaj has rightly pointed out the need of unified AOA/RWA in each housing society in Sec-137. Our Elders ,Domain Experts and Young Minds can provide a Synergistic Leadership with in RERA frame work.
    Best Wishes n Regards.

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