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Housing.com launches ‘Housing Partner Assistant’ app

Posted on by Track2Realty

News Point: It aims to enable the sellers to receive instant alerts and manage home seekers effectively with a single click.

Housing.com, Indian real estate news, India real estate magazine, Indian property market, NRIs, Online Real Estate Transactions, Track2Media Research, Track2RealtyHousing.com, part of Elara Technologies which also owns PropTiger.com and Makaan.com, has launched “Housing Partner Assist” app to help the sellers manage listings, home seekers and much more with a single tap on their phones.

This new intuitive app will enable sellers to list properties at their convenience and receive instant alerts on home seekers for the property and contact the buyers immediately with a single click on the mobile screen.

Moreover, the expert filter options of the app will enable sellers focus on priority home seekers and close deals faster.

With the help of this new cutting-edge app, the sellers can list the properties in simple steps and click on the property to get a detailed view. Additionally, sellers can edit, add more details and photos of the promoted properties to improve the quality score and boost the rankings in the search results page.

Using the app, the sellers can refer to the potential customer’s requirement summary to shortlist relevant properties before scheduling a meeting.

Commenting on the development, Ravi Bhushan, Group CPTO, Housing.comPropTiger.com and Makaan.com said, “Within the real estate classifieds industry, Housing.com has always differentiated itself on the basis of superior product usability and consumer experience. With our new app “Housing Partner Assist’ app, sellers can avoid the conventional and cumbersome lead generation process and get off to a speedier start in this fiercely competitive industry. We are confident that the new app will create additional value for the sellers in improving business revenue and provide more control to build trust with buyers.” 

As the app will enable sellers to be more engaged, buyers will receive timely response from sellers and will be able to find the best-suited homes in a shorter period. For instance, the expert filter option of the app makes it possible to manage one’s property portfolio on a single screen and with its help one can navigate through the properties and find the right one for home seekers very quickly.

The app provides the option of real-time promotion of properties to sellers that can help them better manage day-to-day business activities with less investment of time to ensure improved productivity, better customer service and more satisfied clients.

The new app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android users respectively.

Xrbia aims to reach US$1 billion in sales this year

Posted on by Track2Realty

News Point: Xrbia Developers claims to be on its way to reach a target of US $1 billion in sales by the end of 2017.

Track2Realty, Track2Media, India Real Estate, Valuations of Real Estate, Realty News, Property News,Having sold 6,776 houses in the last 3 months, Xrbia is aiming to launch 24 projects in this fiscal, amounting to 50,000 houses worth INR 10,000 crores. Xrbia is already witnessing sales of 2,000 homes per month, whose volume has been partly attributed to favorable government policies such as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY) Scheme that provides a credit linked subsidy of INR 2.43 lacs to home buyers purchasing residences below 60 sq. meters.

The subsidy of INR 2.43 lacs for the standard affordable house is also equivalent to 30% discount on a standard house offered at Xrbia’s Vangani, Badlapur housing project. This has significantly dropped the costs of buying a house and expanding the possibilities of homeownership to a greater number of individuals and families.

This trend has been further supported by Xrbia’s ‘No-Income-Proof’ home loan scheme, which enables applicants to apply for finance without income proof documents, opening demand from the untapped informal sector.

In a significant step in launching center city projects in Pune in March, Xrbia plans to launch projects in Balewadi, Dhanuri and Market yard. In the next quarter, 3 new projects are set to be launched in Ghatkopar, Kandivli and Thane, the latter of which will be an extensive project covering 60 acres of land.

Xrbia’s predicted sales growth is reinforced by long-term market trends. For instance, established patterns in housing demographics, most notably urbanization, population growth and decreasing average household sizes are predicted to increase the real estate market as a whole by 11.2% by 2020, and put significant pressure in the affordable sector in particular.

By 2022, demand for an additional 90 million housing units is predicted. Xrbia has established themselves as the undisputed sector leader in the below 20 lacs market space. Combining the advantages, Xrbia has developed across construction, branding and maintenance, the company’s sales target of 2017 takes them one step closer to their goal to build 100 Smart Cities by 2030.