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Greater potential of Greater Faridabad

HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Auhtority) is making all efforts to project the market as investment destination and once operational the KMP (Kindly-Manesar-Palwal) Expressway will connect the Neharpar area with Delhi and Gurgaon. A three-km flyover...

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Growth corridors galore in Noida

Where is the growth corridor of Noida that could lead this market as another case study in attracting that kind of investment? The answer to this is not easy, not because of lack of a growth corridor but due to the problem of plenty. While the Atta M...

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Coimbatore emerging as a lifestyle city

Coimbatore has today all the pre-requisite fundamentals of a lifestyle city that is high on the wish list of the corporate sector and the young professionals. The best part is that this development has happened in the last few years when the market c...

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Why Noida commands lowest rental in India?

Welcome to Noida reality! Contrary to the dynamics of property market where lesser transactions lead to skyrocketing of rental values, in Noida this conventional wisdom of market does not hold true. Noida, as a matter of fact, is a classic case in co...

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